The modeller, Dr. Jan Freiwald,
at work





Making 1:8 scale models poses a huge challenge to the model-maker. Due to the small numbers made (so far, 120 Diamond cars models have been produced of all types together), using machines is out of the question. Only by making all models completely by hand can production costs be kept reasonable. On the other hand, the production effort required per model is that much greater: all parts without exception are made by hand, cleaned individually and then fit.
The centrepiece of each model, the body, is laminated using glassfibre and a silicon negative. Metal parts are handcast from pewter using a centrifugal procedure. Etched parts are made by hand from silver or brass, larger components like seats and door linings are cast from resin. Wire wheels are assembled from pieces of chrome wire.
An Austin Healey 3000, for example, consists of 480 parts. Each model takes between 50 and 140 hours to make.


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