Austin Healey 3000
1/8 scale


Austin Healey 3000 Mk.II
Diamond Cars 1/8th scale model



When it was first presented at the 1952 London Motor Show, it caused uproar. Few cars in its day were more loved or more ridiculed than the Austin Healey. The Healey was noisy, it rode as if it had no springs at all, and the driver was exposed to unbearable heat emission from the engine. Pat Moss, sister of Sir Stirling Moss, coined its nickname, 'pig'. Still, no machine was more fascinating to drive. Even today the ‘Big Healey’ remains a byword for the classic British roadster, so impeccably designed petty criticism simply sinks into oblivion.
In 1956, the four-cylinder Austin Healey 100 was succeeded by the 100/6 and its in-line six-cylinder. Then, outwardly unchanged but with an expanded 3000 cc and 124 hp, the Austin Healey 3000 Mk.I left the production-line for the first time in 1959, followed 1961 by the Mk.II. All in all 72,000 Healeys were made.
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