Jaguar C-type
(1952/53) 1/8

Diamond Cars
Jaguar C-type 1/8 model


Jaguar's victory at Le Mans in 1951 was its most important race win ever. Literally overnight Jaguar became a household name world wide. Three examples of the exciting new XK120 C (C for competition) were ready just in time for the Le Mans 24 hours. They were developed to win races – and they did.
The 'C' Type used well proven XK120 units in a tubular frame clothed in a beautiful aluminium body.The 1953 winning car, #18, was fitted with the new power assisted Dunlop disc brakes, whose consistent stopping-power demoralised the oppositon. 
Now, after more than 60 years, the C-type still is among the most exiciting sports racing cars ever created.

The Diamond Cars model



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