Mercedes 300 SL

Diamond Cars Mercedes 300 SL 1/8th scale model




When the first serially produced 300 SL sports car was presented at the 1954 International Motor Show in New York, its record as a racing car was already impressive. Called W194, its precursors had been active on the international circuits since 1951, laying the foundations for the 300 SL's own mythical status. Its most notable outward feature were the doors, which opened upwards gullwing-style. Legendary in its own right, the gullwing design was in fact necessary for technical reasons due to the shape of the tubular frame, whose raised flanks ruled out normal doors. The inimitable elegance of the low, almost flat chassis reduced air resistance and enhanced the performance of the 217 hp, six-cylinder engine. By 1957, 1.372 coupés had been built, followed by 1.859 roadsters. The 300 SL was voted Sports Car of the Century in 1999.

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